Fresh & Floral Aromas
Apple Jack Peel
(Color: Yellow/Green)
Wonderful fresh apple aroma with spicy notes of cinnamon & clove.
Apple Orchard
(Color: Red)
A perfect combination of Cameo, McIntosh, Red Delicious, Fuji, and Granny Smith apples.
Baby Powder
(Color: Light Blue)
Reminiscent of Johnson's Baby power scent.
Caribbean Breeze
(Color: Teal)
The tantalizing base note medley of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, middle notes of strawberries and pears, with hints of spice.
Country Apple
(Color: Pale Yellow)
A very nice complex fragrance which begins with top notes of pineapple, jasmine, and tiger lily; strong middle notes of juicy McIntosh apples and tart granny smith apples; with a dry down of vanilla beans.
Country Cabin
(Color: White)
Fantastic blend of bayberries, cranberries, and apples, with spicy nuances of nutmeg and cloves with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zests.
Country Clothesline
(Color: White)
The aroma of fresh powder, light musk, and just a hint of fresh spring flowers of daffodils and tulips.
Country Club
(Color: Forest Green)
A sharp, woody, dry fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of leather, wood, tobacco, basil and oakmoss.
(Color: Light Blue/Green)
Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with hints of lime. This fragrance has a high essential oil content which allows the smell to be stronger and more authentic than other fragrances on the market.
Evelyn Violet
(Color: Pink)
A soothing medley of wild rose and sweet violet blossoms with touches of violet coconut, orange, and musk.
French Market
(Color: Bright Pink)
Flowerstall with roses, magnolia, gardenia, tuberose and iris blossom.
Herb Garden
(Color: Sage Green)
A garden fresh medley of basil leaves, clary sage and peppermint sprigs accented by hints of citrus zests, fresh spring flowers, and soft, soothing musk.
Honeydew Melon
(Color: Bright Yellow/Green)
The refreshing aroma of a ripened honeydew melon.
(Color: White)
The exotic blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers with a base note of rose petals.
(Color: Purple)
The aroma of a freshly blooming lilac bush.
Lily of the Valley
(Color: White)
A very fresh and green muguet de bois; true to name lily of the valley aroma.
(Color: Baby Pink)
A wonderful white flower bouquet of jasmine, rose petals, and muguet; enhanced by fresh peach, black current, and strawberries; rounded out with base notes of warm spices, amber and musk.
(Color: Burgundy)
The pleasing aroma of freshly sliced pomegranate.
Pomegranate Cream
(Color: Burgundy & Cream)
Begins with top notes of lemon, pomegranate, grapefruit, and lime; followed by a middle note of cassis; sitting on a base note of Madagascar vanilla.
Potpourri Spice
(Color: White)
A spicy combination of freshly ground cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, ginger, and clove.
Spring Rain
(Color: Light Green)
A musky accord enhanced with a fresh floral bouquet of carnations, tiger lilies, alyssum, orchids, and roses, with hints of fresh greenery.
Stella Rose
(Color: Light Pink)
A sensual aroma of velvet sweetheart rose petals, fresh oriental tea leaves, rounded out with base notes of soft musk and freshly ground cinnamon bark.
Sweet Pea
(Color: Pink)
An English garden reminiscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets & wild jasmine with a background of light herbal & musky notes.
Vanilla Lavender
(Color: Light Lavender)
A well rounded combination of fresh lavender, fresh vanilla beans, with orange zests & patchouli.
Vaughn Cool
(Color: Dark Grey)
Bergamot, lemon, silver fir, and geranium; all sitting on intoxicating notes of woods, leather, and musk.