Candle Care

Why Soy?

  • non-toxic & lead free
  • cleaner burning Candles
  • water-soluble
  • environmentally safe
  • longer lasting

Enhance Soy Candles

  • Uses lead free, all cotton wicks
  • Perfume-grade all natural fragrance oils
  • Supports US farmers & our local economic growth
  • 100% vegetable, made with pure soybean oil
  • ALL NATURAL & biodegradable
  • Manufactured meeting FDA and Kosher Standards
  • Does NOT emit toxins while burning
  • Emits an incredibly small amount of soot
  • Contains NO artificial additives
  • Contains NO petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products
  • Contains NO pesticides or herbicides
  • Contains NO toxic materials
  • Contains NO genetically modified materials
  • NO animal testing

Candle Care

Using a wick trimmer, trim the wick down to 1/4" each time before you light your candle. Be careful not to trim your wick to short, as the flame will drown when the soy wax melts around the wick. This will cause the wick to burn itself out.

Do not allow your wick trimmings to fall into your wax melt pool

Always allow your candle ample burn time (2-4 hrs.) to allow the soy wax to heat evenly to the sides of the container

Using a wick dipper, Extinguish your candle by plunging the wick into the melt pool, pulling it back up straight & centered. This wax coating will protect your wick & keep your soy candle from smoking.


Did you know that soy wax candles can be called soy wax if there is as little as 25% soy wax used? If soy wax candles are stand alone, that is, in a pillar or votive style they contain paraffin. 100% pure soy wax candles melt like oil so they must be in a container.

Enhance Candles uses 100% pure kosher soy wax!

Soy Candle Questions:

  • Are Soy Candles Soot Free?
    No candle is 100% soot free! Soy wax in and of itself is soot free. It's the additives and lead wicks that produce a "dirty & dangerous burn". Enhance candles does NOT use any additives in our soy candles! We use all cotton, lead-free, wicks to provide an extremely clean and low-soot burn. If burned properly soy candles are virtually soot-free. Its very important to keep your wick trimmed & extinguish your candle using a wick dipper. Using a wick dipper coats your wick with wax each time. This wax coating protects your wick & keeps it from smoking (as it would if blown out). When a candle is blown out the smoke adheres to the warm glass causing a soot.

  • Should I trim the wick of my soy candle before lighting?
    Yes! With the exception of the first time you burn it, you should always trim your wick before lighting it. Soy candles have a "memory". When lighting your soy candle for the initial burn, it is very important to give it a "memory burn". You should burn your candle at least an hour for each inch of the diameter of the candle. For example: a 4 inch diameter candle (with 1 wick) should be burnt for at least 4 hrs or until the melted wax reaches the edge of the container to establish its "memory". This allows your candle to establish a full melt pool allowing maximum scent throw. If a soy candle is not given a "memory burn" in the initial lighting, it will burn down the center creating a "tunnel burn" & the maximum scent throw will not be achieved.

    When trimming your wick, Enhance Candles recommends using a "wick-trimmer". A wick-trimmer will help you trim your wick to the appropriate 1/4" length. Please be careful to NOT trim the wick too short, as your wick will drown when the soy wax melts around it. This will cause your wick to burn itself out.

  • Why is there what appears to be "wet spots" on the top of my soy candle?
    These "wet spots" are referred to as Soy Sweat. Since soybean wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, it can release excess moisture. This is usually caused by extreme temperature changes due to shipping. Enhance infuses our candles with the most fragrance our soy wax will hold. The Soy Sweat is simply extra fragrance oils coming to the surface & will NOT affect the burn quality of your candle. For optimum burn performance of your soy candle please store in a cool area out of direct or in-direct sunlight.

  • Why is there sometimes "frost" on and in my soy candle?
    Soy wax is a natural substance and has it's own natural traits & characteristics. Natural wax often produces a frosted look. The natural vegetable base is a lot like chocolate and reacts like chocolate when heated and cooled. This trait should not be considered a flaw. Enhance candles does NOT add any chemicals to prohibit this effect.

  • Why are there varying shades of color in my soy candle?
    Enhance candles hand pours each & every candle, therefore producing an authentic handmade product with unique characteristics.

  • Can I refill my soy candle container?
    Yes! Enhance candles offers you the opportunity to refill your container with your choice of fragrance & color! Ask for a refill order form.